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Pre- Post natal Cityworkouts

At CityWorkouts we are known for being able to make you even fitter than before being pregnant. During pregnancy it is normal to put on an average of 25-35 pounds, and is our job to help you to lose them and tone up your body.

Now you can train with your friends and save money!

You can pay as little as £10 per session*. The more you are the less you pay!

You decide when and where, wheter is the park or the confort of your home.

As long as it´s been 6 weeks since you gave birth and the doctor says is fine to do exercise you can start getting fit.

Our Superfit Mummy Workouts focus in:
  • Strenght and flatten your stomach
  • Shape up your bum and thighs
  • Tone up your chest and arms

Now that you have a baby you are going to need more energy than ever, this is why we will combine free weight exercises with very high intensity cardio.

So get ready to get rid of all the fat! Celebrities do it all the time, you will too!



There was a time when exercise during pregnancy was discouraged but not anymore! Times have changed, and experts now encourage exercise during pregnancy.

Exercise benefits mum by:

  • Improving muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness.
  • Preventing excess weight gain.
  • Preparing her to hold and carry her growing child.
  • Improving appearance and posture.
  • Preventing varicose veins, leg cramps and swelling in the ankles.
  • Alleviating lower back pain.
  • Strengthening the muscles needed for labor and delivery.

Exercise benefits baby by:

  • Preparing the fetus to transition to the non-maternal environment.
  • Increasing placental efficiency for blood circulation, which supplies oxygen and nutrients to fetus.
  • Increasing newborn's readiness to self-calm and self-quiet.


At Cityworkouts we are confident you'll look and feel fitter  from day one