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Damian Hannon
"I never thought that I could change that much in just 7 months, I lost 6 stone and 8 inches from my waist! Before I used to feel tired all the time.Now I have a lot of energy and I feel in control of my life!"
Rachel Croft
"I have always been very competitive but Jose really pushed me to the limits! He really understood what to say to me to get that little extra. I had different trainers in the past but he is with a lot different the one who motivated me the most and got the best out of me"
Ryan Braude
"In three months, I lost 10% of my body fat, the intensity of my workouts are a lot of higher. I wanted to have a six pack before the summer and I got it!"

Jessica Grey
"When I met Jose for first time I was overweight, I didn't do any exercise, I felt sluggish and I was getting close to be 40 years old. I wasn't happy with the way I looked so I decided I had to do something about. He completely changed my lifestyle and I will always be in debt with him. Thanks, Jose, without you I would never got in the best shape of my life!"

Babbis Fotiadis
"My lifestyle working as a DJ was far from healthy. I was getting heavier and heavier and I knew I couldn't keep going like that. With Anabel's help I learn how to eat better and just sending her a food diary by email every week I lost 20 kilos in 4 months. The best investment I've ever done!"

Anabel Veloso
"Thanks to the CityWorkouts trainers my career as a flamenco dancer really took off. Montreal, Osaka, London, Paris, New york, Buenos Aires…I toured the whole world always in great shape!"

John Galt
"After I finished University I started t to work for a Law firm in the City. I worked 70 hours a week, drank a lot and ate fast food too often. My girlfriend broke up with me and that was my turning point. I found a different job, ate healthier and did Personal Training with Anabel. That was my secret. I lost 9 kilos in 2 months."

Mark Bryant
"Working long hours and eating bad food wasn’t working for me so I called Cityworkouts and I started the challenge - be the fittest that I ever been. In the beginning I couldn’t even do 10 press-up,now I can do 100 in a row!"

Paul Beckford
"When I started training I didn’t want to bulk up I said to my trainer – I just want to get rid of my beer belly, build up my shoulders and get more definition in my arms- and that’s exactly what we did. That and also drop 1 stone and a half and get stronger to play football!"

Kwame Mutombo
"If you are thinking about investing in yourself, I highly recommend training with Vicki Martin, one of the Personal Trainers at Cityworkouts. Her training sessions were so hard that I have sore muscles several days after. It was hard training but I am delighted with the final result. I went from fat to flat in just 10 weeks!"

Heather Cathcart
"I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from your out-door bootcamp classes. While the workout is for groups, it is individually tailored, with the degree of difficulty increasing as your fitness improves, without undue pressure, only encouragement. I would definitely recommend Cityworkouts bootcamp to those wanting to improve their fitness."


Sara Izzard
"I am a bit of fitness fanatic and over the summer I went to bootcamp classes run by 3 different companies, and Cityworkouts is by far my favourite.. I have worked out with Anabel and Jose since June 2010 and I am looking forward to starting again in January."